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What We Offer


Wszytko to co robimy


In Our Offer You Can Find:




  • energy networks
  • electrical installations in buildings
  • street lighting
  • lighting parks and squares
  • telecommunication installations
  • adaptation of existing installations in the stairwells to reduce energy consumption (offer for housing communities)
  • and installation of photovoltaic power plants


Installation work:


  • energy installations to 20kV
  • Electrical installations ; (230V / 400V) for each type of object
  • telecommunication systems,
  • automatic installation of air conditioning and ventilation
  • industrial installations
  • transformer stations
  • street lighting network
  • Ground and roof Photovoltaic installations



Electrical Measurements


  • Acceptance and Control
  • insulation resistance
  • the effictiveness of electrical shack protection
  • Grounding and lightning protection

Analiza parametrów sieci

  • analysis of network parameters (measurement and recording of reactive power)
  • illuminance measurements




  • A0 prints - color (pdf, dwg, dxf and others)
  • Photocopying - colorcolor scans (to pdf, jpg, tiff)

please refer to the Price list


Work Under Voltage


  • Connecting the equipment
  • Mounting in transformer stations
  • Electrical terminals on the poles of LV overhead lines
  • Cable joints exchange
  • Rebuilding of electrical switchgears
  • Expantion of the LV field in switchgears.