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TARE Sp. z o.o. was established in October, 2009. We specialize in the design and execution of electrical installations. We have the necessary knowledge and technical background, which allows to meet the expectations of a demanding customer. Since the beginning of the company we have been expanding the scope of our business by introducing new services and taking the challenges.




Electrical Designing

We offer service in the field of electrical, telecommunication and BMS design. Each project is treated individually. Chosen materials and equipment are always technically appropriate. We also pay attention to the costs to be borne by the investor or the future user of the system.

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Fault locatiing power cables


We locate damage to MV and LV cables. We detect power cables’ routes in the ground whenever their course is questionable. Once detected, there’s possibility to repair the damage both in the medium and low voltage.

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Have you ever wondered how to reduce the cost of electricity used? If not, we are on the way: photovoltaics system where sunny day reduces the electricity bill.

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Work Under Voltage



We offer work under voltage.Trained and fully-equipped staff will help those companies which don’t have their own equipment and special training fulfill the demands and tasks set by energy plants.


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